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Phil Rogovoy

Managing Partner

Portland, Oregon

Phil received his BA in Economics and Accounting at University of California, Santa Barbara and immediately jumped into the Automotive Aftermarket. Phil’s first experience in the Aftermarket was in 1982 when he went to work for Vatco Industries in Boston, MA. Phil mastered various positions in the company until he was able to work into his ideal position of National Accounts Sales Director. In 1988, he would take his sales skills to Rogovoy, Pack and Hall as a partner and salesman calling on retailers, traditional warehouse, RV, heavy duty, farm and AG distributors in Oregon. In 2003, Phil would continue his role with the merging of two agencies, which is now RepWorks Marketing. Along with Phil’s role as Partner and Salesman, he also manages our sales team in the Pacific Northwest. Phil is a member of the company’s Executive Team helping the company grow and become stronger.

(503) 803-0936

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John Belzner

Managing Partner

Phoenix, Arizona

John started his career in the Automotive Aftermarket in 1983 where he worked for Checker Auto Parts while going to college. John continued his career for the next 21 years with what would eventually become CSK Auto. John held various positions with the company of which most were spent managing the Merchandise Presentation Department at the Corporate Office in Phoenix. John joined the AutoXray Company in 2003 as the National Sales Manager, and with the acquisition of AutoXray by the SPX Corporation, John would take over the Western Regional Sales Manager role for the Actron, Sunpro, AutoXray and OTC brands. John accepted a position with RepWorks Marketing in 2008 and has played a lead role in helping grow the company through his relationship building, territory expansion and internal company support. In 2016 John stepped into a managing partner role for RepWorks and manages the day to day business out of the Corporate office in Phoenix along with the Arizona and Southern California sales team. John also plays a role in helping to run the company and make critical decisions as part of the company’s Executive Team.

(602) 339-1927

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Gary Linsley

Executive Team

Southern California

Gary entered the Automotive Aftermarket in 1976 after receiving his B.S. Degree in Business Marketing and Finance. Gary’s career started in 1976 with Union Carbide where he worked in the Home and Automotive Division representing the Prestone and Simonize brands. Gary then furthered his career on the manufacturing side in 1980 when he accepted a position with Pennzoil to work in the Gumout Division. Gary continued his manufacture sales career until 1983 when he joined the Manufacturer’s Rep side of the business with Solitare, Wirth & Associates. Gary has been through all the transitions and mergers of the Agency and continues his outstanding performance with RepWorks Marketing. Gary is a critical part of the company calling on large distributors in Southern California. Gary also plays a role in helping to run the company and make critical decisions as part of the company’s Executive Team.

(310) 480-9621

JP 2

Jim Pyle

Executive Team

Northern California & Northern Nevada

Jim started his career in the Automotive Aftermarket right out of school in 1981 with C and L Automotive Warehouse where he worked several different capacities in the warehouse and eventually worked into an outside sales position. In 1988, Jim continued his outside sales role with Seaport Automotive Warehouse. Jim then accepted a position with Epicor in 1990 as District Manager for the Plews, Edelmann and Ideal brands. In 1991, Jim would become a member of the Solitare, Wirth & Associates agency which would then become GSWB Marketing and then finally RepWorks Marketing. Jim plays a key role with RepWorks Marketing calling on retail and warehouse distributor accounts in Northern California. Jim also plays a role in helping to run the company and make critical decisions as part of the company’s Executive Team.

(916) 612-2465

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