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Sales Team

Trevor Airey

Ecommerce manager

seattle, washington

Trevor started his career in the Automotive Aftermarket with Packard in Washington then spent several years in different repsonsibilities with Amazon.coom on their Automotive team before coming to work for Repworks.

JB 3

John Belzner


Mesa, Arizona

John started his career in the Automotive Aftermarket in 1983 where he worked for Checker Auto Parts while going to college. John continued his career for the next 21 years with CSK Auto. John held various positions with the company of which most were spent managing the Merchandise Presentation Department at the Corporate Office in Phoenix. John joined the AutoXray Company in 2003 as the National Sales Manager, and with the acquisition of AutoXray by the SPX Corporation, John would take over the Western Regional Sales Manager role for the Actron, Sunpro, AutoXray and OTC brands. John accepted a position with RepWorks Marketing in 2008 and has played a lead role in helping grow the company through his relationship building, territory expansion and internal company support. In 2016 John stepped into a managing partner role for RepWorks and manages the day to day business out of the Corporate office in Phoenix along with the Arizona and Southern California sales team. John also plays a role in helping to run the company and make critical decisions as part of the company's Executive Team.

(602) 339-1927 jb@repworksmktg.com

Robert Flores


Southern California

Robert started his career in 1995, working for Chief Auto Parts managing stores in Southern California. He continued his career with CSK Auto in 1999, successfully managing various stores throughout the South Bay. Robert transitioned into professional outside sales in 2006 as a territory sales manager working with the professional customers and parts manufacturers and then took on the challenge of the district manager role for O’Reilly Auto Parts in 2010. After a few years of multi-unit operational experience, he transitioned back into professional outside sales role in 2012 as a Regional Field Sales Manager. Robert was responsible for managing professional sales for the South Orange County Region for O’Reilly Auto Parts. Robert accepted the position of Salesman for RepWorks Marketing July 2015 and will be working in the Southern California territory. He not only brings leadership and technical product knowledge, but also a vast knowledge from working in and around many areas of the Automotive Industry. Robert’s drive and passion to succeed has established himself as a solid professional in the Automotive Aftermarket.

(310) 722-0842 rf@repworksmktg.com
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Lupe Lozano


Southern California

Lupe started in the industry in the early ‘80s working for several automotive retailers and jobbers in different management roles. In 1994 Lupe went to work for WIX Filter Corporation where he managed several territories as a District Manager. Lupe would move back into the distributor sales role in 2011 when he accepted a position with Metro Automotive Warehouse as one of their outside sales managers. Lupe joined the RepWorks team in December 2012 and plays an important role in the Southern California region providing service and training for our customer base in this area.

(714) 235-8659 lupe@repworksmktg.com
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David Meyers



David attended the Clark Park Vocational School which turned him in the direction of the automotive aftermarket. David started his career as a professional sales representative in the industry right out of school. In 1980, David worked for Vincent J. Hall Co. in Oregon servicing various automotive retailers and traditional warehouse distributors. In 1990, David would move his skills to Rogovoy and Horn and then would venture out as a Principal of Evergreen Marketing in 1997 only to come back to Rogovoy, Pack & Hall in 2000. In 2003, Rogovoy, Pack & Hall would merge into RepWorks Marketing. David is a key player for RepWorks Marketing in the Portland, Oregon region covering traditional warehouse distributors along with many heavy duty specialists.

(503) 780-5548 david@repworksmktg.com
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Jim Pyle


Northern California & Northern Nevada

Jim started his career in the Automotive Aftermarket right out of school in 1981 with C and L Automotive Warehouse where he worked several different capacities in the warehouse and eventually worked into an outside sales position. In 1988, Jim continued his outside sales role with Seaport Automotive Warehouse. Jim then accepted a position with Epicor in 1990 as District Manager for the Plews, Edelmann and Ideal brands. In 1991, Jim would become a member of the Solitare, Wirth & Associates agency which would then become GSWB Marketing and then finally RepWorks Marketing. Jim plays a key role with RepWorks Marketing calling on retail and warehouse distributor accounts in Northern California. Jim also plays a role in helping to run the company and make critical decisions as part of the company's Executive Team.

(916) 612-2465 jp@repworksmktg.com
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Phil Rogovoy


Portland, Oregon

Phil received his BA in Economics and Accounting at University of California, Santa Barbara and immediately jumped into the Automotive Aftermarket. Phil's first experience in the Aftermarket was in 1982 when he went to work for Vatco Industries in Boston, MA. Phil mastered various positions in the company until he was able to work into his ideal position of National Accounts Sales Director. In 1988, he would take his sales skills to Rogovoy, Pack and Hall as a partner and salesman calling on retailers, traditional warehouse, RV, heavy duty, farm and AG distributors in Oregon. In 2003, Phil would continue his role with the merging of two agencies, which is now RepWorks Marketing. Along with Phil's role as Partner and Salesman, he also manages our sales team in the Pacific Northwest. Phil is a member of the company's Executive Team helping the company grow and become stronger.

(503) 803-0936 pr@repworksmktg.com

Michael Rukov, AAP


Southern California

Michael started his career in the Automotive Aftermarket in February 2011 at Los Angeles Warehouse Distributor, One Stop Parts Source. Michael had various positions within the company starting as a Marketing Coordinator and quickly growing to become a Products and Marketing Manager. In 2015 Michael joined Continental Corporation as the Western Regional Sales Manager where he was responsible for 26 states. Michael is heavily involved in the Auto Care Association where he currently holds a position of a Chairman of Education Committee and Chairman Emeritus of YANG. Michael co-founded YANG in 2014 and helped this group grow from 5 members to over 1500 members today. Michael graduated from Claremont Pitzer College with dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Organizational Studies in 2007. He is also a recent graduate with an Executive MBA degree from Northwood University DeVos School of Business. Michael is a member of the company's Executive Team helping the company grow and become stronger.

(909) 576-1057 mr@repworksmktg.com

Support Staff

Cathie Sorensen

Corporate Office Administrative Assistant

Cathie started her administrative career working at Control Data Corporation in the Engineering and Quality Assurance Departments. After taking 10 years off in 1977 to raise her son and daughter, she and her family moved from Minnesota to Mountain View, CA. After finding a receptionist position in the Sales office of Silicon Graphics she quickly moved her way up to the Branch Administrator position. After two years in CA, she and her family found their way back to Minnesota. She then found a customer service position with a clothing company, but quickly advanced to the position of Assistant to the Marketing Manager and finally Assistant to the Golf Manager and President. In December of 2000, she found an opportunity with the Automotive Rep Agency of Dawson, Nystrom & Raiche Sales, Inc. (DNR Sales) She spent the past 17 years as their Office Manager handling all of the day-to-day responsibilities of Administration, customer service, shipping and receiving and “jack of all trades”. In January of 2018, she took a leap of faith to move to her dream state of Arizona and was able to be closer to her daughter and family. With this last move, she found herself back in the rep business by joining RepWorks Marketing.

(602) 279-1987 cs@repworksmktg.com

Chris Bowen

Ecommerce Specialist

Chris got his start in retail with Orchard Supply Hardware, a San Jose, California based home improvement chain, in 1986. During his 11 years at Orchard, Chris held a multitude of positions, both in stores and at the corporate office, ranging from sales clerk to Merchandising Specialist, responsible for all aspects of visual merchandising for both existing and new stores, encompassing: planograms, store layouts, supervision of new store projects, etc. In 1997, Chris transitioned from the hardware/home improvement industry to the automotive aftermarket by accepting a position with CSK Auto Inc, in Phoenix, AZ. As Director of Merchandise Presentation, Chris was tasked to enhance CSK's retail environments by creating and implementing new sales floor adjacencies and improving planogram flow, aesthetics and shopability. The efforts of Chris and his team were rewarded by CSK being recognized throughout the industry for its excellent retail environment. In mid-2008, the O’Reilly Auto Parts acquisition of CSK Auto was completed. For the next two years, Chris and his team performed critical planogram and floorplan related tasks essential to the conversion of the CSK stores to the O’Reilly store format. During late 2010, he accepted the position of Merchandise Presentation Manager for O'Reilly and relocated to Springfield, MO. At O’Reilly, Chris was responsible for all aspects of planogramming, new and existing store adjacencies, planogram signage, fixture design and more. In 2015 Chris left O’Reilly to return with his family to Arizona. After a short semi-retirement, he worked part-time at San Jose, CA. based Skunk Works Performance and Restoration, a hot rod shop run by a close friend. Chris joined RepWorks Marketing in March, 2017.

(602) 279-1987 cb@repworksmktg.com
jm 2

Jocelyn Mula

Ecommerce Specialist

Jocelyn started her Automotive Aftermarket career in 1997 when she joined CSK Auto as an Administrative Assistant and was quickly promoted in 1998 to Product Category Analyst where she grew most of her automotive knowledge. In 2011, after the O’Reilly Auto acquisition, Jocelyn took her knowledge to Raleigh, NC to work for CARQUEST, Inc. as an Assistant Merchandise Manager until late 2012 when Jocelyn moved back to Arizona. In January 2014, after a short hiatus, Jocelyn joined RepWorks Marketing where she will be analyzing and creating pertinent data needed for the creation of data links, cataloging and product descriptors necessary for servicing our vendors and customers.

(602) 279-1987 jm@repworksmktg.com

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